Dal-Lake Srinagar

Srinagar – A Jewel of a Destination

Ye haseen wadiyan, ye khula aasman, agaye hum kahan? This song of the hit picture Roja of the nineties very well explains the panoramic beauty of the Srinagar. With clear sky above and bountiful of natural beauty surrounding really makes this place heaven on earth.

Srinagar, the state’s winter capital is first stop destination for most travelers to Kashmir. The place is bathed with mind blowing lakes, meandering rivers, awesome gardens and lush greenery. The ageless grace of the architecture makes the place memorable and mesmerizing.

The vast Dal lake is the Srinagar’s emblematic feature for which thousands of tourists throng the place. In fact Dal Lake is the epitome of Srinagar. The deep waters of the lake carry the most famous Srinagar’s attractions – the houseboats and Shikaras that are fitted with cushioned seats and footrests.

Shikaras are the elongated little boats that are in existence for ages. Well the films Kashmir ki Kali song has highlighted the shikaras very aptly with Shammi Kapoor singing praises for Sharmila Tagore sitting in Shikara.

If you have pacified your boating thirst then, sojourn on the shores you have great Mughal gardens that give you a heavenly feeling. Spread with variety of hued flowers, beautiful lush carpet of grass and playful fountains – truly paradise on earth. The twin majestic hills- Hari Parbat and Shankracharaya showcase the city’s glorious past and are graced with ancient temples and medieval mosques, tall walls of ancient forts, sacred shrines and temples all takes our memory to the glorious ages of the yester years.

Srinagar is the paradise for shopaholics and its markets offer wide variety of most refined crafts – the famous pashmina shawls that are as light as the feather, finely hand woven carpets, delicately carved wood work and glittering copperware and the woolen clothes are sure to occupy space in your shopping bags.

Even if you are not foodie, you cannot resist the temptation of yummy lip smacking recipes of the valley. Melt in mouth gushtabas to tasty walnut tarts and roasted chestnuts all will give pleasure to your palette. Most of the dishes of the valley will leave you craving for more. Kebabs, Tujji, Kashmiri naan, the green tea Kahwah etc all give heavenly feeling till the last bite.

Srinagar also offers few adventure activities viz. horse riding through the meadows of Gulmarg, boating in the cold waters of Lidder river of Pahalgam, aero balloon ride, water rafting, golfing and trekking in the mountains of Pir Panjal range, skiing, bird watching at the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary all gives lifetime experience.

The splendid city of Srinagar also has various festivals that are mostly celebrated by Muslims. All the festivals celebrated showcase historical, cultural and religious diversity of the city. Navroz, Urs, Eid, Ramzan and Kheer Bhawani festival all add light to the landscape of the valley.

Srinagar as is known to be the Paradise on earth has in its ambience natural scenic beauty that will rejuvenate the senses and refreshes the minds. Anytime you spend in the valley, you ought to carry with you some beautiful memories of gentle, refined beauty that baths the senses and energizes the mind.

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