SHIMLA-The Empress of the Hills

SHIMLA-The Empress of the Hills

The beautiful hill station in the lap of nature, Shimla has the most natural scenic beauty that can mesmerise any onlooker. It is blessed with natural bounties beyond anyone’s imagination. This beautiful hill town surrounded by pine and deodar forests is situated in North West Himalayas and is the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

It was the summer capital of British. History of Shimla dates back to the year 1804 where the Sikhs defeated Gurkhas, who after losing thousands of men in the battle came to ransack the hills and states surrounding Shimla and began their ruthless rule. In the year 1815 the British forces overpowered them in the fierce battle and liberated the hill men from the drudgery of Gurkhas.

The pleasant climate of Shimla attracts many visitors not only from India but from all over the globe.  The wholesome climate of this city is highly harmonious for spending summer holidays. The soothing surrounding of some rare view of flora and fauna keeps the onlookers spellbound. The rolling snow bound hills in between the white clouds is really fabulous and magnificent view. The summers are mild and thus enjoyable; winter is very chilling and extends up to December. The snowfall during the year end makes the cold climate unbearable. During winters ice skating and winter sports are the major tourist attractions.

The places that savours every visitor are : the Mall road, the main street and is the shopaholics paradise, Ridge road, Jakhoo hill , the highest peak in the area and gives the bird’s eye view of the entire city and has ancient temple of Lord Hanuman, Shimla State museum that has ancient painting and sculptors of Himachal Pradesh, beautiful township Summer hill, the second oldest Church in North India – The Christ Church, the flat terrain Annandale which is the playground of the city, Tara devi temple at the foot hill  is the famous tourist destination because of its breathtaking and alluring surroundings.

Shimla is the replica of the lifestyles and traditional patterns of the Hill people or the paharis. They led a simple life with high values and thoughts. They are blend of different races and tribes and follow their traditions with full devotion. Their hospitality is worth mentioning as they treat the outsiders as their family members. The city’s primitive culture is correlated with its occupation i.e. Agricultural and Live stock rearing. Their traditional colourful dress and antique jewellery are truly feast to the eyes. You will be mesmerised by their folk songs with thumping beats feet tapping dance forms like Dance of the demons, Rasa dance etc. Tribal music of this city is famous among the tourist.

The speciality of this city is unparallel art of metal, stone and wooden crafting. The handwork of the people here is commendable and the beauty of Thapada and Kohana embroidery can be witnessed in shawls, dresses and kurtis. It is the hub of traditional metal and bead jewellery characterised by artistry of the locals.

This city has hotels and resorts customised to suit your style, standard and budget. The hospitality services offered by these hotels are at par with international standards. One gets the feeling of home and one to one relation with nature in these hotels. Cuisines are true delight as the place has lot to offer on its platter.  You can savour with delight the yummy taste of the street food that is served by street vendors.  This city hosts Famous Food festival serving the mouth watering cuisines are the hot favourites of both Indian and foreign visitors. This city is the fruit bowl with variety of fruits like plum, strawberry, apple etc.

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SHIMLA - The Empress of the Hills
Shimla has the most natural scenic beauty that can mesmerise any onlooker

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