Panipat Battle Ground of India

PANIPAT-The Battle Ground of India

Panipat is founded by one of Pandava brothers of Mahabharatha. Known by name Panduprastha the city is the witness of three vital battles. Nestled in Haryana and situated in the banks of river Yamuna, this city takes pride on being referred in holy book of Gita as Dharmakshetra. It has historical significance for three huge battles fought that became the platform for altering the entire course of history.

Panipat has tropical climate with extreme summers and cold winters. One can experience the dryness in the atmosphere because of dry winds blowing in this region. The city witness four seasons: Hot summers from May to June with extreme heat and temperature soaring above 40°C. Hot winds blowing throughout the summer makes the environment hot and blazing. Monsoon climate starts from July to mid of   September with moderate and average rainfall with comparatively high level of humidity. Transition climate before start of winter till October is unique feature of Gangetic climate. Winters from mid of November to March are chilly and foggy with temperature dropping down below 7°C.

This battle field has many enchanting places to be seen:

  • Devi temple
  • Tomb of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar
  • Salar Gunj Gate
  • Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi
  • Kabuli bagh
  • Panipat Museum
  • Sri Ram Sharanam
  • Kala Amb Tree site

Panipat is hub of shopping. It is handloom centre of the country. You can stuff your shopping bags with furnishing fabrics, woollen garments carpets, bed sheets, curtains, blankets and handicrafts items. Panipat is paradise of textiles. Panchranga pickles of Panipat are famous all over the world. Other knick knack items jewellery, craft objects, jute handicrafts, jute products and jute gift items are worth a steal.

The city is the cultural paradise with festivals epitomising the tradition and values of the city. All the festivals are celebrated with great fervour and much gusto. Important festivals like Lohri, Makarsankranti, Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Baisakhi, Gangore, Gugga Naumi are important festivals of the city. Local language is Haryanvi with Punjabi being the secondary one. Official languages are Hindi and English.

Panipat cuisines are simple, nutritious and wholesome. The staple food is loaves made of flour either of bajra, wheat or gram with green chillies to burn anyone’s tongue. Porridge or Khichari of bajra or moon dal or rice is common in all the households. When it comes to beverage glass of Lassi or butter milk is the best option. Other mouth watering dish is small thick rotis made from barley which is cooked directly on fire. Non vegetarian dishes also occupy vital place in the platter.

Panipat has umpteen numbers of stay options which offers good hospitality and salubrious environment. One can select from budget hotels, economical hotels and luxurious hotels based on their needs, preferences and budget. All the basic amenities to ease the stay of visitors are available in all the hotels of Panipat.

This battle ground is impeccable historic place to visit and spend quality time to get knowledge of the events that had changed the course of history.

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PANIPAT - The Battle Ground of India
Panipat is handloom centre of the country.

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