NEW DELHI-The city full of Life and Culture

NEW DELHI-The city full of Life and Culture

New Delhi, the capital of independent India has been the witness of the rise and fall of many empires. The history of this city dates back to the ages of Mahabharata during which the city was known by the name Indraprashtha where Pandavas used to live.

This city has witnessed manys’ political mayhem for over five centuries. Right from Hindus to Muslims the sovereignty of the city shifted from one ruler to another. This city stands tall unravelling the sacrifices made for it and undisputed love for it by all the rulers belonging to the days of the yore.

The climate of New Delhi is very extreme with intense heat during the summer and severe cold and foggy winters.  You can experience the beauty of all the five seasons here. Summers (April – June) the temperature soars up to 45°, Winter (December-January) makes you wear your woollen clothes as the temperature drops down to 5°, Spring season (February-March) which is sunny and has pleasant atmosphere, Monsoon season (July – September) has moderate rain and hot and humid climate, Autumn (September- November) has pleasant and cool temperature and brings freshness in the air with light and soothing breeze.

The culture and tradition of New Delhi harmonize with the lifestyles of the locals and also of neighbouring states namely Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Punjab that surrounds the city. Delhi being cosmopolitan city, its local population is free to adopt new conduct and modern style of living. The city proudly reflects Unity in Diversity and this is evident from its social and traditional gatherings. The festivals that are celebrated with pomp are Dusshera wherein the story of Lord Ram is played by locals for nine days with destroying of Ravana by Lord Ram on the tenth day and this majestic fair is been organized by different Ram Lila committees. Other festivals that rock the city are  Diwali, Navaratri, Lohri, Holi, Chat puja, Christmas, Gurunanak Jayanti etc.

New Delhi has in its lap everything that will mesmerise its visitor. Beautiful monuments, temples, magnificent gardens, forts, markets, museums etc casts magical spell on its onlookers. The city is in fact the Traveller’s Paradise. The must to see in New Delhi are: AksharDham temple, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Lodhi Gardens, Kutub minar, Doll museum, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Iskon temple, Gandhi Smriti, Birla Mandir, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Rail Museum, National Gallery of Modern arts, Raj Ghat etc.

New Delhi is the heaven for shopaholics. Its markets have everything in store that finely caters to the need of the people according to their hue.  The markets of New Delhi are very lively and make your shopping spree filled with fun. There is a treasure trove of goods waiting to be explored. Handicrafts items, dress materials with zari and embroidery work, leather goods etc. Famous shopping hubs are – Connaught Place which offers vibrant and exotic shopping parody, Kamlanagar, Karol Bagh etc.

New Delhi is paradise for spicy, tangy and lip smacking multi cuisines. Food culture is the perfect blend of North India delicacies, Mughlai cuisines, Punjabi food, Continental food, Thai, Mexican, Chinese and yummy street food that tickles your taste buds. The city has gamut of eating joints from local dhabhas to low and high budget restaurants.

New Delhi is young metropolis build upon the fragments of ancient cities. Its magnificent forts, exotic monuments and lively markets enchant every visitor.

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NEW DELHI – The city full of Life and Culture
The culture and tradition of New Delhi harmonize with the lifestyles of the locals.

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