MUNNAR – The Paradise of the South India

MUNNAR – The Paradise of the South India

Munnar is the most stupendous and serene destination in the South is the most alluring destination among the tourist.   A hill station situated around 1600m above the sea level in the Idduki district came to limelight in the year 1870s when the British resident of the then Travancore Kingdom John Daniel Munro, the architect of the modern Munnar had visited this place as a part of his official work was mesmerised and wonderstruck by is magnificent beauty.

Munro was found of plantations and discovered Munnar has the high potential for plantations of crops and to materialise his hobby he formed the North Travancore land Planting and Agricultural Society in 1879 and cultivated crops of coffee, cardamom, cinchona and sisal in various parts of the region but later on tea was fond the most ideal crop for the region.

The city has pleasant and climate throughout the year. Summers are moderate and winters which hit the place in the month of November are cool. Monsoon season though with moderate rainfall bestows its own charm by adding spark in the atmosphere and reenergises this region that is surrounded by lush greenery and High Mountains.

The culture and the tradition of this place are directly correlated with the festivals which are celebrated with great excitement and pomp. Attukal pongal, the Thrissur Porum wherein elephants bedizened with rich clothing and ornaments are paraded in the city, the popular is the Nehru Trophy boat race which is held in the middle of Punnamada Lake. The entire city gets lively with the festival of Onam, the celebrations of which lasts for ten days and includes traditional dancing, singing and feasting with religious ceremonies along with the most enchanting snake boat races that are held at several places on the palm filled lagoons.

Apart from being the most sought tourist destination, Munnar is famous for its tea plantations, variety of mouth watering, highest quality spices and cardamom along with other spices like cloves, cinnamon, pepper etc. Eucalyptus oil, lemon grass and citridora are things that you can shop on.

The city provides heavenly peace and its picturesque natural beauty pantomimes the nature lovers from far and near. The large tea plantations, hill ranges, forests, valleys, wild life casts the magical spell on the visitors. The places that are millions worth to visit are

  • Mattupedi dam:  Reservoir has natural scenic beauty and is known as one of the waterholes where  elephants in the region often visit.
  • Mattupedi dairy farm: Highly specialized farm comes under the purview of Indo-Swiss livestock project wherein hundreds of high quality cattle are reared and new varieties are scientifically developed.
  • Kundala lake:   Artificial reservoir between the mountain ranges and has the Shikara boat ride which causes enchanting thrills down your spine.
  • Top station
  • Echo point where your words are echoed back
  • Rajamalai National park – A natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr
  • Attukal waterfalls
  • Blossom park-  offering breathtaking experiences of boating, cycling, roller skating etc
  • Chinnar wild life sanctuary- with over 34 species of mammals’ viz. Panthers, spotted dears, tigers etc and habitat of endangered Grizzled squirrel. Ideal spot for trekking and enjoying wildlife closely.
  • Lakkom waterfall
  • Tea museum and Marayoor Sandalwood forests.

Munnar has hotels catering to the preferences of every pocket.  All the hotels are surrounded by thin blanket of air that renders wholesome climate.  Encircled by natural scenic beauty all the hotels are well equipped by standard amenities that give you proper ambience to enjoy your holidays in the right royal way.

The staple cuisine of Munnar is fish and rice cooked in coconut oil. Almost all the dishes have a tinge of coconut oil in them. South Indian delicacies viz, dosa, vada, aapam and idli add yummy flavour to your platter. You can savour with delight non vegetarian delicacies like Keralan fish curry and Kerala beef fry.

Munnar is the mystic place where Mother Nature Herself has painted the entire city with natural scenic beauty which is mind blowing and salubrious, rejuvenating your senses and giving a heavenly experience that remains in your memory till eternity.

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MUNNAR - The Paradise of the South India
Munnar city has pleasant and climate throughout the year

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