MOUNT ABU-Safe Haven of the Desert

MOUNT ABU-Safe Haven of the Desert

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan and is known as the oasis of the desert. With the ancient name Arbudaanchal, this region was the habitat for Gujjars who arrived here from the Arbuda Mountain as early as in 6th century.

It was then fragmented part of Chauhan kingdom and later on it became summer resort for Rajput Kings of the region.

Mount Abu is the holy place as it got the opportunity to be the home of many sages and saints. It is said that Lord Mahavira visited the city and blessed it.  This place is the most sacred place on the earth. The region enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year because of the lush green forest cover spread all over. Summers are high with temperature rising up to 34° C and winters are pretty cool  where temperature drops down to 8°C especially during the night. This region experiences heavy rainfall which rejuvenates the entire environment and makes it sublime.

The culture of this region is showcased by the traditions of the local inhabitants and reflects the atavistic Indian way of life. One can get the flavour of rich and varied folk culture that portrays heroic deeds and love stories of the bygone era that are  blended with religious and devotional songs that are known as bhajans and banis. The puppet dance, Ghoomar dance and Kalbeliya dance depict the culture of this region in its own flair.

Mount Abu is the Shangri-la for shopaholics. It is famous for variety of Rajasthani and Gujarathi handicraft items, different variety of textile, jewellery, wooden, marble and metal items. You are mesmerised by stupendous Rajasthani paintings, leather articles, stone crafts, sandalwood and sandstone items.

Mount Abu is in the divine lap of Mother Nature offering mystic scenic beauty that goes beyond your imagination. The city has in its orbit the world renowned temples namely Dilwara Jain temple, Temple of Vimal shah, Temple of Vastupala and Tejapala, Arbuda devi temple and temple of Raghunathji all are the greatest draw of this place. This place is favoured destination among newlyweds who are spell bound by Honeymoon point or Andra point which has fantastic scenic beauty. Other places are Nakki  lake, Toad rock, Sunset point, Gau Mukh, Wild life sanctuary, Om Shanti Bhavan,  gardens  with lush greenery and parks.

Mount Abu has gamut of mouth watering multi cuisines which includes in the traditional Rajasthani food namely the famous Daal – Baati churma which is the all time favourite of the tourists. Other food like Chinese, Punjabi, continental, elegant Gujarati food and yummy non vegetarian food are easily available at various restaurants in this region.

The hotels of Mount Abu cater to the requirements of every tourist based on the needs and budget. All the hotels are surrounded by lush greenery and have salubrious environment that relaxes your tires nerves. They have all the necessary amenities that will make your stay a memorable one that will be cherished till eternity.

Mount Abu is the distinguished destination for adventure and eco tourism. It is one stop destination which has in its lap temples, natural scenic beauty, wild life adventure and mesmerising parks which reenergises your body and sooths your soul and mind.

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MOUNT ABU - Safe Haven of the Desert
Mount Abu is one stop destination which has in its lap temples, natural scenic beauty, wild life adventure and mesmerising parks which re-energises your body and soothes your soul and mind.

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