Manali- Snowcapped Hill Station

Manali- Snowcapped Hill Station

Witnessing snow capped mountains, snow filled roads and snow rainfall gives that divine feeling which rejuvenates the mind and soul. One such place where one can get the divine experience is Manali, a hill station nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

The place is certainly a gateway to heavenly aura of scenic picturesque landscape. The city is placed at the high altitude and as a result of which it experiences extremely bone breaking winters and pleasant summers. One can witness the blanket of snow all over during the last days of November till early days of February. This snow capped scenario is the enticing factor that allures umpteen numbers of tourists to this place from all over.

The culture and tradition of the people is same that of people in hilly areas. The spark of Himalayan tradition is witnessed in the cultural traits of the local population. The people of Manali lead their simple life in sync with nature and their cultural activities epitomize their simple living nature loving attitude. People worship deities who are sages, snake Gods and all the Gods and Goddess mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. One can witness perfect amalgamation of rich tradition of folk arts, magnificent tradition and colorful festivals.

Manali is haven for all tourists as it has in its ambience many beautiful and breathtaking sites that really make the person the slave of the beauty for lifetime. Rightly called the Switzerland of India, the mind blowing sites are Rohtang pass, Solang valley, Hidimba temple, Pin valley national park, Pandon dam etc. Of which Rohtang pass is the most popular tourist attraction.

The place offers various thrilling adventures like snow scooter, skiing, mountain biking and paragliding. Also the nature lovers can experience the awesome beauty of glaciers and the Chanda river that flows down the in the Lahaul valley. Photography buffs must visit this place to get the lifetime click of most beautiful pictures of nature.

Manali is the culinary delight as it offers many lip smacking cuisines and includes dishes made locally grown cereals and vegetables. Milk and milk products also dominate the food habits. Staple diet of locals includes rice, curry or cooked beaten curd, food made from dry fruits, kodra, salyara and sweet rice. Dham is famous dish that forms place in platter during festive seasons.

Manali has interesting shopping options to general public. The tourists can fill their shopping bags with Tibetan and Himalayan handicrafts, woolen clothes, Kinnauri and Kullu shawls, Amulets, hippie clothes and mouth watering fruit products like apples, fresh fruit jams, pickles and jellies. Other items of attractions are Buddhist paintings, name plates and customized key chains.

Manali is truly the gateway to heavenly abode. Its’ natural scenic landscape with lush greenery, snow capped hills, and magnificent gardens makes this place the most favored tourist destination among tourists who succumb to its nostalgic view of cliffs, ravines, glaciers and moraines.

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