Ludhiana-Manchester of India

Known by the name Meer Hota ages ago, Ludhiana is the city nestled at the river banks of Sutlej River, located at the centre of Punjab.  The city was founded by Lodhi dynasty and it is the brainchild of two Lodhi Chiefs -Yusuf Khan and Nihad Khan.

The city experiences semiarid climate and has all three seasons. It witnesses extreme type of climate – very hot during summer and very cold during winter. During summer – Mid April – Mid July days are very hot with temperature soaring to 46°C with heat wave making the climate very hot and dry. Monsoon season from July to September raises the level of humidity and giving a sort of relief from the burning sun. Winter season from November to early March is extremely cool with temperature dropping till 5°C with intermittent rains making the climate still cold.

Ludhiana has Happy-go-lucky way of living. The locals enjoy their life lavishing with good food and standard of living. They lead a stylish mode of life and are more sort of fashion conscious when it comes to their dressing style or the hair cut. The city has a rich cultural heritage with plethora of cultural events taking place in the city. Punjabi folk songs and dances are part of any cultural event or any happy occasion. Folk music, rope dance, snake charming and cock fight are the main features of the cultural events. All the festivals are celebrated with great pomp and mush gusto. Baisakhi, Lohri, Diwali, Holi, Dusshera, Navaratri are some of common festivals celebrated with religious fervour and enjoyment.

Ludhiana has umpteen numbers of places to visit:

  • Nehru Rose Garden
  • Hardy’s World
  • Guru Nanak Bhawan
  • Rural Museum
  • Tiger Safari
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum
  • Gurudwara Charankanwal Sahib, Alamgir Sahib and Manji sahib
  • Guru Nanak Sports stadium
  • Deer park
  • Water resource museum

Ludhiana provides perfect shopping experience with everything in its ambience. You can fill your shopping bags with comfortable woollen clothes, cotton apparels and impeccable hosiery items. Other stuffs like traditional jewellery, bawa suits, trendy t-shirts, woollen kurtis, shopping related to marriage etc. You can fill your shopping bags with branded and non branded items that are available in plenty in the city.

Ludhiana is hub for varieties of mouth watering cuisines. Its tandoori way of cooking is famous all over. It has Punjabi tinge and flavour in its cooking. Lavish treat of Parathas, Rajma Rice, Cholley Bature, stuffed Nans, Shahi Panner, Sarson ka saag, Makki ki roti and lip smacking non vegetarian food are staple food of the city. Among street food Spicy chaat, Tikki, Golgappe are most sought one.

Accommodation in Ludhiana is not a problem at all. One can corner from budget hotels to luxurious hotels based on your requirements and pocket. One can get the best hospitality treatment in all the accommodations in Ludhiana.

Ludhiana is largest manufacture of bicycles, industrial parts, auto parts and is known for its hosiery production. It is major industrial town of India which lures its visitors by its hospitality and authenticity.

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Ludhiana - Manchester of India
Ludhiana is largest manufacture of bicycles, industrial parts, auto parts and is known for its hosiery production.

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