Lucknow-The Land of Nawabs

Lucknow-The Land of Nawabs

According to ancient epic Ramayana Lucknow formerly known as Lakshmanpur was gifted by Lord Ram to his younger brother Lakshman after defeating Ravana. The city has seen rise and fall of many empires viz. Mughal, British, Sultans of Delhi, Nawabs etc. Lucknow got unique and new face because of Nawab Asaf –Ud- Daula who gave the city authentic legacy. Today Lucknow is capital city of Uttarpradesh.

The climatic condition of the city is warm and subtropical. It witnesses three seasons viz. summer season from April to June and has hot and extreme climate with temperature soaring high till 40°C. The city gets highest degree of rainfall and Rainy season from June to October witnesses’ heavy downpours. Winter climate from December till February is the best time to visit the city and the temperature falls down to 7°C. The winters are pretty cold and foggy. The city receives little rainfall making the climate more wholesome and salubrious.

Lucknow has rich cultural heritage with a tinge of Nawabi traditions and other culture of Mughal and Sultans. The city is known for its hospitality in true sense. Ghazals, Shairi, Kathak, Thumri, Khayal, Dadra, Sher-o –Shairi reached the peak point under the royal patronage. All the festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm and fanfare with unity and enthusiasm. Festivals like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Holi and Eid are common festivals of the city. The Lucknow festival which is celebrated for ten days showcases the rich and unique culture of the city gelled with fine arts and craft.

Lucknow is treasure trove of many monuments and palaces that mesmerise the onlookers with its impeccable beauty.

Following are the places of visit of the city:

  • Bara – Imambara
  • Shahi bawli
  • Asifi Masjid
  • Rumi Darwaja
  • Clock Tower
  • Hussainabad Picture Gallery
  • Satkhanda
  •  Chhota Imambara
  • Jama Masjid
  • Lucknow Residency
  • Lucknow zoo and Museums
  • Beautiful tombs like Saadat Ali Khan, Begum Murshidjadi etc.

The city is paradise for shopping. The most famous item is Chikan work that is globally known and appreciated. One can fill the shopping bags with Chikan saris, shirts, suits, kurta etc.  Authentic and colourful Jewellery can lure you with their impeccable beauty and elegance. The city is famous for big danglers and Jhumkas found in the dress of each and every girl. Baskets and trays made from cane are a good steal, marble hair clips, earring and other knic knacs like pens, boxes etc made of marble and granite can be corned.

Lucknow has in its platter yummy and lip smacking cuisines. This Awadh region has the authentic style of Nawabi tinge in all its unique. The city has in its platter mouth watering gamut of cuisines of kababs viz. Seekh Kababs, Boti Kababs, Shami Kababs, Galawati Kababs and Kakori kababs, breads and biryani. The city is best known for its Mughalai and Awadhi cuisine.

If you are planning holidays this multicultural city has many stay options its ambience. Right from budge hotels to four star ones the city caters to the accommodation of everyone’s hue. This “City of Tehzeeb” or “The city of respectful hospitality” bowls down the visitor with its beautiful sight seeing places, yummy cuisines and friendly nature of the local population.

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Lucknow - The Land of Nawabs
Lucknow city is known for its hospitality in true sense.

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