Kurukshetra-The Eye to the Battle of the Era

Kurukshetra-The Eye to the Battle of the Era – Mahabharat

Nestled in Harayana, Kurukshetra is holy place and is known for its historical and religious importance. Named after the ancestors of Kauravas and Pandavas; king Kuru this place has being the witness of vital war of the era – Mahabharatha the epic which redefined the values, regime and the relationships. It is the point where Aryans entered our sub continent.

The city has extreme climate which is continental one. Its location away from the sea is the reason for such weather condition. The city experiences five seasons – summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Summers are extreme with unbearable heat and heat waves. The city gets sufficient rainfall in Monsoon making the climate cool. Autumn arrives with pleasant climate and salubrious atmosphere. It arrives immediately after monsoon and remains till November. Winter is extremely cold with temperature dropping down till 4°C. It has cold waves making the city chill. Spring season witnesses temperature between 25°C to 10 °C from mid February till end of the March.

The city being the land of historical and religious importance is cultural hub of India. All the festivals and cultural activities give you a spiritual experience. The locals celebrate all the festivals with great pomp and valour. Gita Jayanti being the biggest event of the city marks the birth of holy epic Bhagvat Gita, Janmashtami, Baisakhi, Lohri, Holi, Diwali and Teej.

Kurukshetra is land of religious importance and well known pilgrimage spot and has many spiritual places to visit:

  • Braham Sarovar
  • Jyotisar Tirtha
  • Sheikh Chehli’s Tomb
  • Staneshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Maa Bhadra Kali Temple
  •  Ban Ganga
  • Sannihit Sarovar
  • Gurudwara Chhevin Patshahi

Kurukshetra is known for best handloom items, handmade souvenirs, hosiery articles, sports items, other knick knacks like footwear, readymade garments etc can be bought from malls and shopping complexes of the city.

The city is one of the famous junctions with gamut of Haryana cuisines in its platter. The eating styles of people are related to their standard of living. Almost all the food is prepared with fresh and wholesome vegetables. Dhaba culture is more common in this place. Staple diet of people in this city is roti and lot of milk products as Harayana state us hub of cattle wealth. Beverages include Buttermilk or lassi which gives cooling effect to the body. Thandai, sweet drink made from milk and lots of dry fruits also form part and parcel of the Haryanvi diet along with Lassi.

The Famous dishes are Raabri and Bajre ki Kichri , Teet ka achar, Singri ki sabzi, Kachri ki sabzi, Methi gajar, Mixed dal, etc. All these lip smacking dishes tickle your taste buds. In sweets the city has bowl of Kheer and Malpuas.

Stay options is not an issue as one can corner accommodations based on their hue. Right from budget hotel to luxurious ones the city has umpteen number o stay options to occupy its visitors.

Kurukshetra has vital importance both historical and mythological for redefining the meaning of battle of just against all odds and place where Lord Krishna preached Bhagwat Gita to entire humanity.

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Kurukshetra - The Eye to the Battle of the Era - Mahabharat
Kurukshetra named after the ancestors of Kauravas and Pandavas.

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