The Gateway to Kerala Kochi

Kochi-The Gateway to Kerala

Nestled in Ernakulum district of Kerala, Kochi is the name derived from word “Kachi” meaning “Harbour”. The city rulers were under the control of many empires viz. Dutch, Portuguese and the British.  The earlier name of Kochi was Cochin.

Since Kochi is located near the sea the climatic conditions are moderately hot and humid throughout the year. Monsoon climate has heavy thunder showers and is experienced between June to September due to south west monsoon winds and light rainfall between the months October to December due to northwest monsoon winds. Summers from March to June are high with temperature rising up to 35°C while winter is mild with temperature ranging from 20°C to 35 °C.

Kochi is south Indian cultural influence. The important traditional festivals of Kerala viz. Onam, Vishu are celebrated with religious fervour and joy. Other festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Islamic festivals Easter etc are also celebrated with great enthusiasm. This shows the city adopts cosmopolitan culture.

Events like Cochin Carnival is organized every year at Fort Kochi every year along with various games like beach volley ball, bike races etc to mark the Portuguese New year that was celebrated during their regime. Kathakali is popular dance form of Kochi which has earned fame all over the world. Malayanam Literature is important section of Kochi one can come across transcripts of poems, translation works, novels and dramas.

Kochi has many attractions:

  • Paradesi Synagogue
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
  • Mattancherry Palace
  • St. Francis Chruch
  • Cherai
  • Santa Cruz Basilia
  • Indo Portuguese Museum
  • Bolghatty Palace

Kochi is located near sea coast has seafood as its speciality cuisine the main item being Fish. It has in its platter salivating cuisines most of them being scrumptious and mild in flavour. Almost all the dishes are light and are wholesome causing no harm to the health. Vegetarian dishes like Thoran, Paachadi, kaalan etc have lip smacking taste and staple food of local people.

All the food has banana being used in their preparation as it is widely grown in the area and also it adds to the flavour of the food. Bananas are used in preparing crunchy chips, sweets and in making popular breakfast Pootu. Coconuts are also used in many of richly dishes of Kochi. Appams, Vellayappams, Kallappams, Fish curry are other renowned dishes of the city.

Kochi is shopper’s paradise. One can get unforgettable joyful experience while shopping in Kochi. One can fill the shopping bags with stuffs like Grass Mats; Articles anufactured from durable coconut shells, Bamboo canes, Camel bone Carvings, Metal wares, Screw pine mats, handicraft items, hand woven and ethnic textiles, jewellery etc.

Stay options in Kochi is not an issue as it has range of accommodations to cater to the needs and budget of all kinds of travellers. Popular hotels can be found near areas like Fort Kochi and main city. All hotels have good amenities and warm hospitality.

Kochi – The God’s own country with cool breeze of the sea, pleasant climate, and yummy cuisines is the perfect abode to spend your holidays and rejuvenate your soul.

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Kochi - The Gateway to Kerala
Kochi - The God’s own country with cool breeze of the sea.

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