The Virgin Beauty of South India

Kanyakumari-The Virgin Beauty of South India

One of the most impeccable places in South India, Kanyakumari is place nestled at the southernmost end of Tamil Nadu. It is the place where India ends and where three seas- Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean meet. It has many tourists swarming from all parts of the world.

Kanyakumari is bestowed with breathtaking natural beauty of nature. It is also referred as Cape Comorin. Circumscribed by Majestic Hills with plains that has colourful seashore as its border, tall standing coconut trees, pristine rivers and paddy fields mesmerises the visitors and make them feel like heaven on earth.

The very natural beauty and cool breeze of the air is the main reason of tourism flourishing in this place. There are many beautiful places of visit like:

  • Vivekananda Rock Memorial: It is famous monument and is the most popular tourists’ attraction point. The entire memorial stands on one of the two rocks.  It was constructed in the year 1970 by the Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee in the Honour of the visit of great leader Shri Vivekananda who sacrificed his life for the freedom of India. It is said that it is the same rock where Swami Vivekananda did his meditation.
  • Padmanabhapuram palace: This stupendously impeccable palace is regarded as the Asia’s largest wooden palace located at Kanyakumari. This magnificent wooden palace is the superb epitome of Kerala’s indigenous architectural style. All the antiques of the interiors are crafted with rosewood carvings and are sculptured beautifully. This palace overwhelms all its visitors who are spellbound by its jaw drop beauty and royal splendour.
  • Thiruvalluvar statue: This statue attracts every visitor’s eyes because of its size and architecture. It is the statue of renowned Tamil poet and saint, Thiruvalluvar. He is the man who wrote the verses describing the Indian lifestyles emphasizing on the importance of wealth, love and virtue. And these verses gathered fame all over the world because of the fact and wisdom which they possess are universal and are translated in more than sixty different languages.
  • Thanumalayan temple: It is important Hindu temple located in Kanyakumari. It is one of few temples where the Trinity Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside. Even the Shiva linga has three parts- the top representing Lord Shiva, the middle part representing Lord Vishnu and the bottom one symbolising Lord Brahma. It was architected in the 17th century and is known for its sculptures and workmanship. It epitomises the South Indian temple architecture. [wp_ad_camp_3]
  • Vattakottai Fort: Built for coastal defence, this Circular or Vattakotai fort is rectangular in shape. It was built during the regime of king Marthandavarma in the 18th The entire fort is fabricated with granite blocks. One can see the picturesque landscape of both sea on one side and hills of Western Ghats on the other side. The beach of black sands adds more beauty to the entire scenic area of the fort.

Kanyakumari is the coastal panorama beauty which casts magical spell on its visitors with its pleasant and soothing climate and bountiful beauty of the nature.

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Kanyakumari - The Virgin Beauty of South India
Kanyakumari is the coastal panorama beauty which casts magical spell on its visitors with its pleasant and soothing climate and bountiful beauty of the nature.

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