Jaisalmer – The city of Majestic Forts

Jaisalmer – The city of Majestic Forts and Opulent Havelis

Yellow sand, picturesque landscape of Thar desert, magnificent forts, awesome havelis all lure the tourists in umpteen numbers, who swarm Jaisalmer from all across the globe all through the year.

The city takes pride in preserving the rich and vivacious culture of     yester years. It is studded with beautiful forts, holy shrines, majestic havelis, beautiful lake and nicely sacked museums.

Apart from historic monuments, the city is the hub of varied fairs or melas that are celebrated with valour and electrifying zeal. The Desert festival is the most awaited and most favourite festival of Jaisalmer.

The mesmerising and foot tapping beats of traditional dances of the city- Dhap, Ghoomar, Gair etc. rejuvenate the city and also allures many crowd. Also the musical instruments like sarangi, matka and minla adds extra energy and make the entire atmosphere holistic and divine. Gangaur festivities also are the major attraction of tourists.

The city is paradise for adventure savvy people as they can avail thrilling experience and joy from camel expeditions and hiking across the desert. The city also offers good shopping experience as one cannot resist the temptation to fill the shopping bags with items like traditional dress, antique items, silver articles, items made from camel’s skin, camel bone jewellery, splendid carpets, rugs, mineral stones etc.

Jaisalmer has in its platter lip smacking cuisines that not only pacifies the hunger but also soothes ones soul. All these savouries showcases the richly flavours of Rajasthan. Mouth watering dishes like Kadi pakoda, Murgh- e- Subz, etc casts mesmerising spell of joy the moment it tickles the taste buds.

The city grooming from the heart of Thar Desert is in fact golden mirage. This desert fortress welcomes all its visitors with warmth and love. The city has heir loom of Havelis that enchant the visitors with their majestic and breathtaking look. Patwon Ji Ki Haveli, Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli, Salim Ji Ki Haveli have in their ambience untold history of by gone era that is enveloped in artistic architecture and impeccable construction. All the Havelis build by wealthy merchants are the perfect blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture.

 The city has historical monuments spread all over the and the most predominant one that attracts the attention of the visitors is the Jaisalmer Fort, which is architected using sand stones. It epitomises the stories of bravery and valour of the Rajput leaders of yester years.

The city lures all the adventure savvy visitors because of its safari expedition. Camel safari and jeep safari amidst desert is thrilling and fun loving. All in all the city takes pride in retaining its age old charm and royal flavours that are showcased by narrow roads, majestic forts and palaces, impeccable Havelis and colourful bazaars.

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