GOA-Beach beauty mind and soul

GOA-Beach beauty for rejuvenating your mind and soul

One thing that comes to the mind of any person hearing the word Goa – is beach. The place is bathed with loads of beautiful beaches which allures mammoth tourist population all through the year. The awesome beauty of beaches, the majestic view of ancient churches and temples, the age old houses are few things that makes this place unique and worth visiting.

For any bag packer, Goa is a place where one can attain solitude and solace in the cool breeze of beaches. Nestled on the western coast of India, the climate of Goa is influenced by its coastal location and has humid climate throughout the year. The place witness heat during day time in summers and heavy down pours during rainy.

I was really fascinated by the swinging palms and picturesque natural beauty of Goa. Sojourn in the beach gave me divine feeling of tranquility and energized my body and soul. Entrancing beaches of Goa have fascinating things to offer and every beach has some unique attraction to the tourist. North beaches are known for their night life and South beaches with bright sunlight are best place for relaxing and lazing around.

This beach city is dressed with more than 80% beaches, has been favorite tourist spot for tourist all across the globe. To name a few, Anjuna, Arambol, Baga, Chapora, Colve are the beaches that do require a visit.

Churches are another attraction in Goa. Many of the churches are ancient and have both historical and holy significance. The churches and covenants are the signature of the Portuguese rule and are built up on the legacies of Portuguese culture. St. Francis Church, St. Cajetan Church, The Mary Immaculate Church all stand tall maintain the aura and mark of Portuguese traditions.

The main attraction to these Churches is Basilica of Bom Jesus which is also regarded by the UNESCO as the world heritage for it has preserved the body of the saint Francis Xavier which is open for public viewing every ten years. Mammoth numbers of devotees from all across the world throng here to have the glimpse of this saint’s body which is said to be preserved miraculously by the Church authorities.

Goa is haven for foodies. For all those who have craving tooth this place offers yummy Goan cuisine in its platter. Sea food, coconut milk, rice and local spices tickle the taste buds. The staple food of the locals is fish. Food has the flavors of Portuguese culture. Potatoes, spices, guavas, pine apples, chilies, and tomatoes were introduced by Portuguese during their regime. Goa offers in its platter both Indian cuisine viz. Fish curry, Fried fish, spicy coconut, Kokum curry etc. and Catholic savories viz. Beef, Pork, sweetened rice etc.

This coastal region is haven for shopaholics as it offers awesome handicrafts viz. brassware, shell work, carved furniture items, bamboo work, paper Mache etc  to fit in your shopping bags. One cannot leave this place without buying cashews, another Portugal product which are available at economical rates and at varied flavors – plain, salted and spicy.

Goa, is the beach town of the country. With water and adventurous sports, magnificent churches and lip smacking cuisines this place is paradise for tourists of all ages.

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GOA - Beach beauty for rejuvenating your mind and soul
Goa, is the beach town of India

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