Delhi-The city full of life

Delhi-The city full of life and style

Delhi is known to the world as the capital city of India. Sprawled over the river Yamuna, this city has much more in its ambience to showcase to every onlooker. Be it yummy lip smacking cuisines, many historical monuments, trendy clothes all make Delhi a unique city on its own.

For me this city is full of life and style. As I am born and brought up in Delhi, I can bet on anything that any person visiting this city will never feel alienated. Well, let us begin to understand what this city has in store to make it stand at the top above all other cities.

Let me start with food. The city serves yummy and delicious cuisines in its platter as it  has fabulous eating joints. Every food that one tastes really will have a special tinge on the taste buds. Not to leave the street food this is the famous among the locals. Samosa, gol gappe, Chat pakode, bhalla papdi to name a few is the most opted street cuisines. I will go with tikki, a crispy roll made from boiled potatoes and served with chutneys. North Indian cuisines form the staple diet of the local population but one can come across other delicacies viz. Chinese, Italian, Tibetian, South Indian etc.

As far as site seeing is concerned, the city has many historical and captivated monuments, temples, art galleries, bustling markets etc to entice every onlooker. Kutub minar, Lal killa, Akshardham, Lotus temple, doll museum, Birla Mandir are the few spots that are most famous among the tourists.

As far as climate is concerned, the city has extreme climate. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. Delhi experiences less downpours making summers and winters the more dominant seasons.

The city sets perfect example of unity in diversity as each and every festival is celebrated with pomp and zest. Navratri, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Guru Nanak Jayanthi, Holi, Lohri etc. are few famous festivals of Delhi that bind together all the communities with one common thread of love and care.

Sojourn in the city one will get the quick glimpse of its state of art infrastructure. Spic and span roads, well maintained traffic system, loads of greenery etc makes Delhi as one of the best city to live in. Delhi Metro has become the life line for the locals. Over the years it has managed to reach every nook and corner of the city easing the travel spree of the Delhi-ites.

Delhi is the city that bridges two different worlds. Old Delhi, once capital of Islamic India has narrow lanes lined with age old crumbling havelis and formidable [wp_ad_camp_3] mosques as in contrast the imperial New Delhi that was formed by Britishers in their regime is composed of spacious, tree lined roads and imposing government buildings.

The city has witnessed the rule of many Empires and has been the political hub of India. This is true even for the mythological era. The Pandavas of Mahabharata has their capital at Indraprashtha, which is geographically located in the city.

The city is sprinkled with love and life. It showcases unity among different religions, has great sense of respect and care. For me Delhi is the city that transpires every dream into reality of those who have belief in oneself and have will to do hard work.

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Delhi - The city full of life and style
Delhi is sprinkled with love and life.

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