Darjeeling-The Panoramic Beauty

Darjeeling-The Panoramic Beauty

All of you have heard the name of Darjeeling tea, the place that is well known for its tea plantations spread over large area. Darjeeling, the stupendous hill station is circumscribed over the steep mountain ridge, surrounded by emerald green tea plantations.

The hill station has become the main attraction that has in its ambiance interesting explorations that any curious bag packer would love to explore. Places of interest in Darjeeling are:

1. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: The name itself showcases that the place is haven for all climbing trekkers and enthusiastic. It was established in the honor of Tenzing Norgay, who along with Sir Edmund Hillary climbed the Mount. Everest in 1953. It is the museum that has loads of mountaineering displays and many expedition artifacts, hostel for mountaineering students etc.

2. Zoo: It is located in the same vicinity of Himalayan mountaineering Institute. It has animals of hilly areas, mostly of upper Himalayas. One can come across some rare species of animals are viz. Red Pandas, Snow Leopards, Tibetan Wolf etc.

3. Tiger Hill: The highest point of the hill station is tiger hill. Tourists throng this place to witness the breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga and the snow capped peaks of Himalayan range. The picturesque landscape of peaks covered with snow is truly breathtaking aura which allures mammoth of the visitors.

4. Darjeeling Ropeway: Ropeway provides bird’s eye view of the valley. Known by the name Ranjeet Valley Passenger Cable Car, one can witness mind blowing view of the valley and get mesmerized by wide spread lush tea gardens, dense forests, dazzling mountain stream, waterfalls and the snow filled at the back ground.

5. Rock Garden: It is the terraced gardens at different levels which are cut by the rocks having waterfalls. There are various terraced seating arrangements that are made at various levels. The main attraction is the waterfall that flows all the way from the top and over the rocks below. One has to climb over the rocks to reach the top spot and on doing so one gets to witness the panoramic view of beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs at all the levels.

Other places of attraction are: Ganga Maya Park, Japanese temple, Peace Pagoda, monasteries and churches. The culture of the place is perfect blend of diversity amidst uniqueness. It is the home to immigrants from Nepal, Sikkam, Tibet, Bhutan and Europe. Darjeeling festivals has spice of two religions – Buddhism and Hindu and place gets lit up with vibrant colors during Diwali, Janmastami, Saraswati puja, Loosar, Losoong, Loosar etc.

The platter of Darjeeling has yummy lip smacking delicacies that tickle the taste buds. The varied mixed culture paves way for diversity in food and thus the place offers delicious momos, Thupka, vegetarian dishes, Nepali food and the Naga cuisines.

The scenic natural beauty also is haven for shopping. The tourists can fill in their shopping bags with economical woolen clothes, Himalayan handicrafts, not to forget the famous and refreshing Darjeeling tea, decorative items and bamboo items.

Darjeeling has with its awesome scenic beauty, gorgeous mountains peaks and bountiful of natural beauty is makes this place truly refreshing retreat where one can find solace from hurry burry city life.

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Darjeeling - The Panoramic Beauty
Darjeeling has with its awesome scenic beauty, gorgeous mountains peaks and bountiful of natural beauty.

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