Dalhousie-Stupendous Natural beauty in the lap of hills

Dalhousie-Stupendous Natural beauty in the lap of hills

Dalhousie, a hill station named after British Governor General Lord Dalhousie is the impeccable cut out gem with breathtaking natural beauty nestled in Himachal Pradesh. It was the British government’s summer retreat. Circumscribed within five hills, Kathalagh, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota and Bhangora and built in 1850’s this spot is all time tourists favourite.

This mesmerising hill station has pleasant climate throughout the year. Summers are pleasant with temperature less than 35°C from March to May. With beautiful thematic landscape of snow at high altitudes this season is the most perfect time for tourists, Monsoon season from March to May with mild irregular showers are very attractive as climate is cool with mild down pours making the entire aura energetic and joyful. Winters from December to February are extreme and chilly with temperature ranging from 10°C to 1°C and frequent occurring of snow falls leaves the visitors spellbound and speechless.

The city is spread with beautiful bungalows and churches of Scottish and Victorian origin whose architecture is par excellence.

Located in Chamba Valley this city is also called as “valley of milk and honey” has beautiful sight seeing places:

  • Subhash Baioli
  • Dain kund peak
  • Alah water tank
  • Panchpula
  • Upper Bakrota
  • Kalatope Widlife Reserve
  • Barapathar
  • Protestant Chruch, St. Andrew’s, St. Patrick’s, St. Francis’ and St. John’s Church.
  • Ganji Pahadi

Dalhousie unravels age old cultural and traditional beliefs. People are very warm and have friendly nature. They rejoice with their tradition folk dance and music. Festivals and fairs are celebrated with great zeal and zest. Dussehra and Diwali are celebrated with full  pomp and joy. Christmas provide full festive mood and is celebrated with much gusto. Ice skating carnival which hosts fancy dress competitions, dance shows, ice hockey is celebrated with perfect festive mood. New Year celebrations are done in authentic style with locals worshipping Goddess of wealth – Shiskar Apa by performing dance programs in the month of January. Other festivals like Lohri and Maghi are celebrated with great fanfare and fun.

Dalhousie has in its platter good variety of food to elevate the mood of your holidays. Road side dhabas with dal, rice, vegetables and roti are worth tasting. One can savour multi cuisines like Indian, Mughlai, Kashmiri and Chinese in all the restaurants of Dalhousie.

Dalhousie is shopper’s paradise. One can fill the shopping bag with handicraft items like mufflers, shawls, bags, caps etc. All these are available at reasonable rates and good quality is really worth a steal. With pleasant atmosphere and natural scenic beauty shopping turns out to be fun filled experience.

Accommodation is not an issue in Dalhousie as hotels have increased manifolds due to large tourists’ attractions. This Little piece of English Raj has wide range of hotels from budget to four star options. British built many lodges and hotels with great spice of hospitality in their services which is prevailing even today in all the hotels of the region.

One has to visit to feel the beauty of snow capped mountains, impeccable meadows spread all over and wonderstruck natural beauty. Dalhousie is treat to the eyes.

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Dalhousie - Stupendous Natural beauty in the lap of hills
Dalhousie is treat to the eyes.

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