Content Guidelines

  • Content must not be copied (previously unpublished) from anywhere on the web.
  • Content must be in English and have legible grammar and spelling.
  • The decision of admin [] for content publishing is final.
  • Non-serious content will not be published and author may be blocked any time without any prior notice.
  • Content formatting should be properly aligned to maintain the clear look of web portal.
  • The length of articles should be in between 400-5000 words only.
  • Content must not be drafted in multiple categories/cities.
  • Authors are strictly advised not to use copyright material, content, text, images, sound, videos etc. Author will be fully responsible for the published content.
  • List of tags or keywords should be relevant to the drafted content.
  • Content may have ‘n’ numbers of links internally to but only one hyper-link externally is allowed in the body area.
  • Formatting of font-family will be finalized by admin [] only, author may use different color or styles [bold, italics, underline].
  • As the Web Portal name suggested [India Cities Information], content must be relevant.
  • Content having threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, porn, vulgarity, personal attacks, insults, defamatory statements will not be published anyhow and author may be blocked without any prior notice.
  • Content must be user-friendly and useful for visitors of Web Portal.
  • Do not submit content that is promotional in any way.
  • When quoting others’ please include attributions.
  • All submitted content to must go through moderation and may be edited by our team, timeline for content review is dependent on current volume of submissions.
  • Do not write any type of contact information (email, fax, phone, mobile etc.) in content or author bio.
  • We receive a very number of submissions, everyone’s publication is not guaranteed.

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