Chandigarh-Impeccable city of the North

Chandigarh-Impeccable City of the North

The city takes pride in being the first planned city of India. Nestled in foothills of Sivaliks, the city has magnificent architecture and it is the capital of two states namely Punjab and Haryana. This spic and span city is the nature’s paradise and has the blanket of lush greenery circumscribing it. It has ancient history dating back to 8000 years when was first inhabited by Harappans.  The city derives its name due to the existence of famous temple of Goddess Chandi.

Its pollution free and peaceful environment is the main reason for umpteen numbers of tourists swarming this stupendous city from all across the globe. It has many tourists attractions like The rock garden, Sukhna lake, The rose garden,   peaceful ISKON temple, Government museum and Art Gallery, Garden of a Fragrance, Timber Trail, Mahendra Chaudary Zoological Park, International Doll museum, Butterfly park, Leisure valley, Botanical garden, Shanti kunj, Bougain villae garden, Thunder zone, Fun city and much more.

The city has rich cultural heritage. It is land of fairs and festivals with local population celebrating all the festivals with proper rituals and customs. Chandigarh rightly symbolise cultural unity amidst diversity. Baisakhi, Gurupuab, Lohri, Tika, Raksha Bandhan and many more are important festivals celebrated by locals with zeal and zest. The traditional beliefs are amalgamation of twin cultural influence – Punjabi and Sikh. The festivals are celebrated with folk dance, folk music, and other rituals. The dances showcase the energy of the people. Folk dances like Bhangra, gidda, sammi, teeyan etc are more common part of festivals and other occasions. This city has diversity in its culture and unity in all its celebrations.

The weather of Chandigarh is subtropical with chilly winters, extreme summers and moderate to heavy down purse during monsoon climate. The pleasant autumn climate ranges between Mid September to Mid November with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 27°C making the aura cool and salubrious.

This well planned city is known for its woollen garments like sweaters, pullovers and caps. One gets bowled down by fantastic embroidery work of Phulkari, Punjabi duppattas, jams, traditional Punjabi foot wares, handlooms etc. With pleasant climate, neat and clean roads makes your shopping spree more joyful filled with energy.

Chandigarh is paradise for food lovers. The Punjabi cuisines are famous and vital food of the local population. The mouth watering Punjabi flavours tickles your taste buds. The city has in its platter wholesome food like wheat based rotis, paranthas and naan. The customary Punjabi food made in earthen pot called tandoors or smoker’s grill is popular in the city. Yummy Punjabi Lassi with Malai is main beverage of Chandigarh.

Accommodation is not an issue for tourists as there are wide ranges of hotels offering excellent facilities with modern amenities blended with warm and pleasant hospitality. All the sightseeing places are easily accessible from hotels. One can select from luxury hotels, economical hotels, 4 star hotels and 3 star hotels based on their budget and requirements.

This Beautiful city is great place to visit for all those people who enjoy serenity amidst greenery and cleanliness. Chandigarh is perfect synchronization of modernity and lovely bliss of Nature.

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Chandigarh - Impeccable city of the North
Chandigarh is the capital of two states namely Punjab and Haryana.

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