Chandigarh-Abode to Heavenly and breathtaking Architectural city

Chandigarh-Abode to Heavenly and breathtaking Architectural city

Chandigarh is the first well planned city of India. It is the dream destination of India’s first Prime Minister, Sh. Jawaharlal Nehru. Located at the foothills of Shivaliks this city is best known for its well planned architecture. It has age old history dating back to 8000 years when it was first inhabited by Harappans. It derives its name from the temple “Chandi Mandir”.

The climate of this region is sub tropical with cold winters, hot summers and monsoon climate which is unreliable.  The seasonal tempo reflects the weather and climate of Chandigarh. The spring season which constitutes the months of Mid February to Mid of March and Mid September to Mid of October makes the entire atmosphere pleasant and rejuvenating. One can also feel the tinge of autumn season in this city.

Chandigarh has rich cultural heritage and the city is the perfect replica of is multi indigenous population. The city with its distinguished diversity adds to its profuse cultural heritage. Being the land of fairs and festivals, the local population celebrates all festivals with proper rituals and customs. The important festivals that are celebrated are Baisakhi, Gurupuab, Lohri, Tika, Raksha Bandhan and many more. The traditions have aura of Punjabi culture and Sikh culture. The festivals are celebrated with folk dance, folk music, and other rituals. The dances unravel the liveliness of the people. Folk dances like Bhangra, gidda, sammi, teeyan etc are more common part of festivals and other occasions. This city has diversity in its culture and unity in all the cultural celebrations.

Chandigarh the beautiful and well planned city has in its ambience many stupendously beautiful places like, The famous attraction- The rock garden, Sukhna lake, The rose garden,   peaceful ISKON temple, Government museum and Art Gallery, Garden of a Fragrance, Timber Trail, Mahendra Chaudary Zoological Park, International Doll museum, Butterfly park, Leisure valley, Botanical garden, Shanti kunj, Bougain villae garden, Thunder zone, Fun city and much more.

This city is famous for woollen apparels like sweaters, woollen pullovers and caps, phukari- a type of embroidery work with great finishing touch, Punjabi duppattas, jams, traditional Punjabi foot ware- Juttis, Handlooms and Artifacts. The clean wide roads and greenery all over soothes your eyes making your shopping more enjoyable and energetically relaxing.

The Punjabi cuisine is the staple food of this city. Even the foreigners who visit this city relish Punjabi food and enjoy its flavours. The wheat based rotis, paranthas and naan are the common delicacies in the platter. Traditional Punjabi food prepared in earthen tandoors is also most popular in this city. Punjabi Lassi with its lip smacking taste is the main beverage of this city.

Chandigarh has array of hotels catering to different budget and preferences. All the hotels have basic amenities, good and hygienic food and friendly hospitality. You have option of Good hotels, five star hotels and budget hotels to choose as per your requirements.

Chandigarh is the best planned city with world renowned architecture and unparalleled quality of life. It is dream the Nehru envisaged and Architect Le Corbusier executed. It takes pride in being the country’s first well planned city which is rich, prosperous, full of greenery, spic and span rightly to be called as “ The City Beautiful”. It is the rare paradigm of modernization co –existing with nature’s preservation.

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Chandigarh – Abode to Heavenly and breathtaking Architectural city
Chandigarh the beautiful and well planned city has in its ambience many stupendously beautiful places.

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