Bikaner-The Country of Camels

Bikaner-The Country of Camels

Bikaner is city nestled in the north west of Rajasthan was founded by Rao Bikaji in the year 1488. He chose the barren land Jungladesh to build up the city and then shaped it to an impeccable city which is now known as Bikaner. The city has been witness to rise and fall of two majestic empires viz. Mughal and British.

The climate of is extremely hot as it is located in the middle of Thar Desert. The temperature during summer season soars up to 45°C making the entire atmosphere hot. Heat waves during summer makes the weather unbearable. The city receives very little downpours. Winters are fairly cold with temperature falling low to 5°C making the climate chilly. The weather in Bikaner is very extreme.

The city has rich cultural heritage in its ambience. It is known for it’s Usta and Chadwa art. It hosts many fairs to unravels its traditions viz. Karni Mata fair, Kapil  muni fair, Punarasar fair, Camel festival, Kolayat mela, etc.  All the festivals are celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Akkha Teej or Akshaye Tritiya the foundation day of the city is celebrated with great zeal by locals who enjoy themselves by flying kites. Others festivities like Paryushan of Jain, Holi, Diwali are celebrated with zeal and zest.

Bikaner is land of Forts and palaces and it has many historical attractions that can create spell bound effect on the visitors.

Sojourn of the city will take you to following places that are worth visiting:

  • The impeccable and famous Junagarh Fort
  • The red stone beauty Laxmi Niwas Palace
  • Lalgarh Palace
  • Maru nayak ji
  • Laxmi Nath temple
  • Bhandasar Jain temple
  • Mukam Temple
  • Famous pilgrimage spot – Kolayat
  • World famous shrine Karni Mata temple
  • Shiv Bari temple
  • Gangashahar
  • Thar desert etc.

Bikaner is famous for mouth watering Aloo Bhujiyas.  The city has wholesome savouries like pakodi, gatta ki sabzi, khata papad, mongodi etc.The city is in  dry place and so ingredients used in food are also dried like lentils, corn, bajia and ker are all commonly used in dried form in all the cuisines of Bikaner. Buttermilk and butter are used in almost all the dishes of the city.  Crispy Papad and wafers are also quite popular. The city is also famous for sweets like rabdi and spicy chutneys. The staple food of the city is Roti and Khichhdi.          The locally made spices added in food make them of Bikaner lip smacking and tasty.

Bikaner is the shopper’s paradise. Handicrafts with beautiful designs, ethnic styles for decoration of your home are sure to occupy place in your shopping bag. Elegantly fashioned lacquer lamps, hand woven woollen shawls, blankets are really worth a steal. Beautiful camel skin wallets, hand woven rugs, embroidered camel skin slippers, bejewelled photo frames, impeccable kundan and silver jewellery, lac bangles etc.  Traditional wears are really feast to the eyes unravels the richness of art and splendour of the city. Hand woven durries, woollen rugs and beautiful varieties of carpets which include both traditional and Persian styles are also famous and worth a buy.

Accommodation is not an issue in this city. Right from economical hotels delivering services at budgeted rates to luxurious hotels and resorts offering royal services of course at high prices are easily available in Bikaner.

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Bikaner - The Country of Camels
Bikaner has been witness to rise and fall of two majestic empires viz. Mughal and British.

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