Temple city Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar-The Temple city of India

Capital of Orissa, Bhubaneshwar is the home for ancient temples of India. It has unique mythological significance as it has in its land the famous temple of Lord Lingaraj or what is known by the name Tribuneshwar temple. And therefore this place has important significance as per Hindu mythology.

It is home of many important temples and is also known by the name Mandiramalini. And the word Bhubaneshwar literally means God’s World. It has 500 temples in its ambience which makes this city probably the only city in the world mirror reflection of stages of development of Hindu religious architecture. [wp_ad_camp_1]

Bhubaneshwar takes our memory lane back to the golden era of gracious past and showcases rich heritage culture of India. Lingaraja temple of the city is the largest of all the temples and it epitomises the specimen of Orissa style of temple architecture. It is nearly thousand years old. It was constructed by the ruler Yayati Kesari in the 7th century.  It is said that Lord Shiva preferred Bhubaneshwar as His favourite resort and thus referred the city with the name Ekamra thirtha and took abode here as Lingaraja.

Another famous temple of the city is Mukteshwar temple. It is the most smallest and compact temple among all. It is known for its impeccable stone archway and ceiling with eight petal lotus inside its porch. It was with this temple the tradition of incorporating carved images began and lion head motif was architected in this temple. Mukhteswar itself means “Lord who gives freedom through yoga” and the temple has various meditation poses and the figures from the Hindu mythology, folk tales and also of Jain monks.

Another famous temple is Rajarani temple. It is unique temple as there is no particular deity associated with it.  This temple is also referred as Khajuraho of the east because of its ornate carvings and erotic sculptures. The best part of this temple is the clusters of smaller carved spires on its spire. The spacious temple ground is the place to relax if you want to relax your tired nerves.

Kedargouri temple is also known as Temple of Love and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri. This temple is situated in the same premises next to Mukteswar temple. The temple has perennial stream besides it and as per religious texts a single sip of water from this stream relieves the drinker from the repeated cycle of birth and deaths, in other words the drinker gets Moksha.  This temple was built by king Lalatendu Kesari in the memory of two lovers who had tragic death. [wp_ad_camp_3]

Parasurameswar temple is the oldest surviving temple of Bhubaneshwar and was constructed in 650 A.D. The temple though small is stupendously decorated shrine of Lord Shiva. This temple has typical Oriyan style of architectural flavours. The temple has outer wall decorated with beautiful carvings of family members of Lord Shiva. Other art work like floral designs, sculptures of animals etc makes the entire work mesmerizingly beautiful.

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Bhubaneshwar - The Temple city of India
Capital of Orissa, Bhubaneshwar is the home for ancient temples of India.

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    (May 11, 2016 - 8:33 am)

    The history of Bhubaneswar may be viewed in ancient and modern eras. The ancient city has a history of thousands of years, while the modern city emerged in 1948.

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