Bangalore-The Technical hub

Bangalore-The Technical hub of the country

Bengaluru, the official name for the Bangalore city is the capital of Karnataka. When one imagines of the Bangalore immediately the word IT comes to the mind as the city has over the years emerged as the biggest IT hub of India.

This spic and span city has cherished its own cultural values and tradition. The migration of diverse population from other cities because of demand of job has resulted in emergence of varied cultural norms in the city. The city also has pub culture which is enjoyed of course upholding the age old traditions at the forefront.

Bangalore takes pride in being one of the cleanest cities of the country and has witnessed remarkable progress thanks to IT companies who have made the city their base. Just like Bombay witnesses umpteen numbers of migrants throughout the year in search of job, study etc, [wp_ad_camp_1] Bangalore also has seen migration that has fuelled almost half of the city’s phenomenal population growth. But how does the city gets adjusted with such a deluge of people from different cultures, faiths and languages?  The answer is in the words of a common Bangalorean – If one stays here, works here, eats here and have high regards and respect to the place and culture then the person gets adjusted automatically and easily becomes a true Bangalorean.

This city takes every visitor in its ambience even if when you are new to its culture or unaware of its local language. The city has impeccable places to visit. The more famous are the Bangalore palace, Lal Bagh, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Bannerghatta National park, Wonderla Amusement park etc.

This straight forward city is the shopper’s paradise. The visitors cannot resist the temptation to fill their shopping bags with items like silk saris, antiques, cotton fabrics, objects made of sandalwood etc.

Bangalore is gourmet’s paradise. The platter of Banglorean cuisine takes influence from varied spices of Andhra, Tamil, Chettinad, Mangalorean, Kerala dishes. Idli, Dosa, Rice, Rasam (South Indian vegetable stew), rice etc forms the staple diet of the locals. However being a global capital one can come across international cuisines like pizza, Chinese, Italian dishes becoming part and parcel of new generation’s [wp_ad_camp_3] diet.

Apart from being IT hub, the city has mushroomed over the years as the best educational hub of the country. With more and more IT companies making the city its base the city is all set to offer best educational facilities in tune to meet the growing demand of the IT and other sectors of the city. The standard of the educational institutions of Bangalore are comparatively higher than other states.

With pleasant climate, broad outlook, salubrious atmosphere, Bangalore has emerged as the most sought after city in all respects be it education, job aspect or to settle down.

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Bangalore - The Technical hub of the country

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    (May 28, 2016 - 11:04 pm)

    By 1983, both Infosys and another future tech giant, Wipro, moved to Bangalore and the country’s fledgling IT industry started to grow around the two firms.

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