Amritsar-The Golden City of India

Amritsar-The Golden City of India

One of the largest cities in Punjab, Amritsar is founded by fourth Sikh Guru Ram das. It derives its name from Amrit Sarovar, the holy lake surrounding the impeccable Golden Temple. Amritsar in fact means pool of nectar. The city also was witness to Indus valley civilization and as evidence archaeologists have discovered certain sites viz. Vadalol, Chhina, Gharinda, Har etc pertaining to Indus civilization. The city has seen influences of many dynasties, Greek, Mauryan, Kushan, Rajputs, Shahi and Sultans. Historically it is called Ramdaspur and colloquially Ambarsar.

Climate of Amritsar is like other states in the North Western cities of India. Extreme climatic conditions prevail in this city. Hot and scorching summers and freezing cold winters is witnessed here. Monsoon season brings better and pleasant climate along with great deal of respite from heat.

Golden temple or Harmander Sahib is one place where people from all over the world swarm to worship and seek blessings.  It is Holy place of Sikhs who come in umpteen numbers daily to pay obeisance in their Ardas at this temple. This Holy place serves free food in the form of Guru ka Langar to all types of people rich, poor, of any religion, caste colour, creed or gender.  Jallainwala Bagh which rises your patriotic spirit and makes your blood boil with fury remembering the massacre caused by General Dyer of British Empire killing umpteen numbers of people in the area. This place has memorial national importance to pay tribute to all those killed in the massacre. Other places like Akal Takht, Durgiana temple, Wagah border ceremony, Ram Bagh, Ram Tirath etc makes you spell bound by their beauty and authenticity.

Amritsar is a paradise for foddies. One can savour yummy and mouth watering foods in the city. Amritsari Kulcha is famous all over for its taste and texture, Amritsari fish, Lassi, Kulfi, Sarson ka saag and Makki ki roti etc. One can get the aura of Punjabi dishes in food of Amritsar.

Shopping can prove fun for shopaholics in this city. One can fill the shopping bags with traditional Punjabi items from old markets of this city. Punjabi handicraft is famous with traditional Phulkari work is on the top of the list.  Excellent shawls with impeccable embroidery are a great steal here. One can shop on traditional Punjabi garments and wedding wears that are extremely attractive and eye catchy. Patiala salwars will bowl down the female shoppers with simplicity and authentic look. One can shop for traditional Punjabi shoes or jutis. Apart from this, woollen clothes, blankets, woven carpets, pickles, jams and jellies made from rural population of Amritsar are also a good catch. Rich variety of dry fruits can also occupy some space in your shopping bag.

The main language spoken is Punjabi, Hindi and English. The city has rich culture heritage. Punjabi culture and tradition have great deal of influence in this city. All the festivals Lohri, Diwali, Guru Purub, Holi, Baisaki etc are celebrated with great zeal and zest. Locals of this city are energetic and lively and welcome all the visitors with warmth.

Stay option is never an issue here. Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak committee has buildings with rooms for pilgrims serving round the clock and at minimal rates and modern amenities. If you have to experience five star flavours then there are luxury hotels in the pipeline. One also has option of economy and budget hotels offering all the basic amenities at affordable rates.

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Amritsar - The Golden City of India
Amritsar is founded by fourth Sikh Guru Ram das

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