Ajmer-Aura of Holiness in its totality

Ajmer-Aura of Holiness in its totality

Ajmer is the 5th largest city of Rajasthan and is surrounded by Aravalli Mountains. This holy city is pilgrimage place for the shrine of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. It is also the base for Pushkar, ancient Hindu pilgrimage city, only place on earth where Lord Brahma’s temple is present. Ajmer saw the rise and fall of many empires and dynasties right from Chauhan to Marwars to Mughals to Marathas and finally the British.

Ajmer has hot semi arid climate. Temperatures are pretty high all through the year with summers witnessing average daily temperature of about 30° C. Monsoons between June and September have heavy rainfall with thunderstorms. Winters are mild with little or no humidity. Incidental cold weather causes temperatures to fall near to the freezing point.

Ajmer is all time pilgrimage destination for tourists across the globe. It is blessed with impeccable lakes like Ana Sagar lake, Lake Foy Sagar, Taragarh Fort, Dargah Sharif of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin, Akbar’s palace and museum, Taragarh Fort, picturesque garden Durga bagh, Abdullah khan’s tomb, Adhai –din- ka – jhonpra, impeccable Nasiyan Jain temple, Kishangarh, Circuit house  etc all mesmerises your soul and makes you spell bound.

Ajmer is the land of complex cultures. Its cultural celebrations and traditions are reflection of various dynasties that ruled the city. This green oasis surrounded by barren region has rich heritage of cultures. Its’ culture is reflected in all its arts, crafts, music, dance etc. The major cultural event is Urs of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti.  It is also the base for famous Pushkar mela. Ajmer is the point where two cultures meet and temples and mosques are adjacent to each other. All other festivals like Diwali, Id etc are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Local language of Ajmer is mixed form of Rajasthani and Hindi and the official language is English and Hindi. It is manufacturing and trade centre. Poultry is the major source of income of farmers of Ajmer. The city is famous for Cotton products, Woollen textiles, leather, hosiery, soap and pharmaceuticals. Kishangarh is largest centres for marble products.

Ajmer is the shopper’s paradise with perfume squeezed out of rose petals is the real steal. You can load your bags with some exquisite jootis or mojaris (sandals), silver and gold jewellery, dyes fabrics, Rajasthani bandhni or block printing, embroidered fabrics etc. Puraa Bazaar, Kaisarganj, Purani mandi , Madar gate and Nala Bazaar are places where you can quench your shopping thirst.

Ajmer is known for its mouth watering chats viz. Samosas and kachoris. Rice is the staple food of this region and so you can savour yummy biryanis both vegetarian and non vegetarian with great delight.

Accommodation in Ajmer is not an issue because of heavy swarming of tourists to this holy place all throughout the year. Right from luxury hotel rendering five star services to budget hotel providing standard yet all necessary services at affordable rates are available for tourists to choose from.

Ajmer is perfect place of Hindu and Muslim amalgamation of cultures. This holy city not only soothes your nerves but also rejuvenates your inner soul.

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Ajmer - Aura of Holiness in its totality
Ajmer is perfect place of Hindu and Muslim amalgamation of cultures.

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