Agra-The city of Love

Agra-The city of Love

Agra takes pride in nestling in its ambience – The most splendid monument – The Taj Mahal. It is the magic of Taj that draws mammoth number of tourists like moths to the city. Nestled in UttarPradesh on the large bend of holy Yamuna River, Agra showcases the magnificent glory and wonderstruck Mughal architect of age old era.

In fact for many, the word Agra epitomizes Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World, whose beauty is renowned and known all across the globe. Agra, the state capital of Lucknow is on the itinerary of all the travelers – domestic and international.

Apart from being the capital city to the Mughals during their regime, Agra also has history dated back to the rule of Mahabharata, where it was called Agrevana. The city has many historical monuments, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites viz. The Agra fort, Fathepur Sikri, Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandra, Jama Masjid, Ram Bagh, Ankit Tal and not to forget of the great Taj.

The weather of the city is extreme with hot burning summers and ice chill winters. The city is famous for leather goods, awesome handmade carpets that epitomize the Mughal art, gold and silver jewellery and handicrafts like zari, zardozi, marble and stone carving. Also the markets are flooded with Miniature Taj Mahal replicas which form the main item for all the tourists in their shopping list.

Agra has mouth watering delicacies in its platter. There are many restaurants in the city that serve lip smacking Mughlai, Indian and Chinese food. But if one want to give the taste buds a treat of local flavors, then one has to indulge oneself in the sweet candy called Petha and Dal Moth – a traditional spicy savory. The city is also a haven for street food lovers as one can find Chat stalls at every nook and corner. Market named Kinari Bazar houses plethora of local street foods and is famous with both locals and the tourists.

For me Agra epitomizes the splendid beauty of Taj Mahal that was built by the grieving Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal.  I was dumb stuck by the unrivaled beauty of the monument that will be in my memory till eternity. No doubt sojourn in the Taj really makes one get the aura of love and care, which this monument symbolizes at its best.

Festivals and fair reflects the cultural aura of Agra. Taj Mahotsav is the much famous and beloved festival of the city. It houses good display of arts, crafts and culture of India along with classical dance and song performances. This festival organized by Uttar Pradesh Tourism is an event to entice the tourists and acquaint them with the legendary skills of Indian artifacts and craft. Other fairs like Bateshwar, Ram Barat, Kailash fair etc are the other attractions of the cultural fiesta of the city.

Agra needs no propaganda as it houses the impeccable world beauty Taj in its lap. In fact no tour to India is complete without the visit to Agra to get the glimpse of awesome Taj Mahal.

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Agra- The city of Love
No tour to India is complete without the visit to Agra

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  • Hebergeur

    (May 25, 2016 - 6:43 am)

    Agra features a semiarid climate that borders on a humid subtropical climate . The city features mild winters, hot and dry summers and a monsoon season. However the monsoons, though substantial in Agra, are not quite as heavy as the monsoon in other parts of India. This is a primary factor in Agra featuring a semiarid climate as opposed to a humid subtropical climate .

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